How To Use a Trolley Jack

Diffrerent sizes of trolley jacks are available to lift different loads. Make sure your trolley jack can lift the weight of the vehicle you are going to work on. You should chek the manufacturer's specifications if you are not sure. If you try to lift a car that's to heavy for a jack then you will break the jack and you could even damage the car.

Always check that the trolley jack is in good working condition before you try to lift a vehicle with it.

Place the trolley jack under the vehicle at the correct lift point. This is usually under the chassis of the car.

Put the vehicle's transmission or gear stick in neutral. This means that the gear stick on manual car is not in any gear and on an automatic transmission in the N position. It's important to release the handbrake.

When you have don this you can begin to raise the vehicle slowly. Place the jack stands at the correct lifting points. The correct lifting point are under the main body of the car where no parts can be damaged.

When the car is in position you can release the trolley jack to lower the vehicle on to the jack stands. Next chock the wheels on the opposite side to the side you are working on to stop the car from moving forward.
{source : book Automotive Repair and Maintenance by Mark Corneilse}

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