Safety Tips When Using a Trolley Jack

  • When using a trolley jack, make sure the floor you want to support the car on is firm and level.
  • Never work under a vehicle that is supported only by a trolley jack. Use jack stands in the correct positions to support the vehicle. The trolley jack is not stable enough on its own and the car could fall down on top of you
  • Don't use bricks instead of jack stands. Bricks are not as stable or as strong as jack stands. Once again the car could fall down on top of you.
  • Chock the wheels that remain on the ground so that the vehicle doesn't roll forward or back once it has been raised.
  • Use trolley jack to lift one side of a vehicle only. Don't try to lift te entrie vehicle with two trolley jacks.
  • Don't work alone when working under a vehicle. If anything goes wrong, you are going to need other people to help you.

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